Why is physiotherapy so important for slipped disc recovery

Why is physiotherapy so important for slipped disc recovery

Why is physiotherapy so important for slipped disc recovery

Slipped disc, also known as disc herniation, is a very painful and debilitating injury. It occurs when one of the discs in your back is damaged, causing the soft inner pad of the disc to squeeze out. This inner pad will sometimes press on the spinal nerves resulting in severe back pain that can even radiate down to one’s arm or leg.

In Singapore, Physiotherapy is one of the most effective non-invasive treatment methods for slipped disc. There are many reasons why physiotherapy is so vital for slipped disc recovery.

Reduce Inflammation

Especially the early stages of the slipped disc injury, the release of chemical mediators in your spine can cause serious inflammation. Physiotherapy does reduce the severity of the spine “prolapse” to allow natural healing to take place as soon as possible. This allows for inflammation to subside quickly leading to faster pain relief.

Proper Advice

Spinal injuries differ from cases to cases depending on the spinal section that was prolapsed. As such, the rehabilitation process can be very different for different patient. Through their experience, s physiotherapist is able to advice on posture and activities that you should do or should avoid. These preventive measures play an important role in preventing further injuries.

Resuming Normal Activities

A physiotherapist is also able to personalize a program to speed up your recovery and resume normal activities as soon as possible. This will include planning a progressive training program that will assist in restoring mobility and flexibility.

Slipped disc, without proper treatment and advice has the potential to affect your day-to-day routine. As such, it is essential for one to seek proper treatment to minimize further back aggravation. Aside from slipped disc treatment, you should also seek physiotherapy treatments for back pain. Get help and contact us – BMJ Therapy – physiotherapy in the east today.   

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