Suffering from a

Shin Splint?

Shin splints is characterised by pain at the front of the lower leg (ie the shin), the medical diagnosis is medial tibial stress syndrome. The pain is due to traction and pulling stress to the structure (muscles, bones) around the shin. Undue stress is place on these structures when there is a sudden increase load (i.e. increase running mileage), weak calf muscles or poor foot biomechanics. The pain either comes at the beginning or in the middle of the run.

Treatment For Shin Splint

It is very important to differentiate if the pain is coming from the muscle or the bone, the physiotherapist will ask you very specific question to help you determine the structure involved. Just take note of the pain behaviour: does the pain comes at the start and subside after a while? Does the pain come on only in the middle? Does the pain come and stop you from running?

The physiotherapist will help you analyse all the different contributing factors and treatment may include the following:

  • Release of tight and overuse muscles with the help of our Shockwave Therapy.
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Activation and strengthening of specific lower limbs muscles
  •  Correction of walking, climbing running gait/posture
  • Recruitment of specific foot posture +/- orthotics

Muscle related shin splint will take 3 to 6 weeks to recover, bone related shin splints will take up to 3 months to be pain-free.

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When To Find

Physiotherapy For Shin Splint

Early treatment is key because the when shin splints affects the bones, it is considered quite severe. Make sure you are pain-free before increasing your mileage. It is likely that shin splint will worsen as should you try to endure through the pain and continue on your run training.

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