Running Gait Analysis

Running is key to many sports and running to keep fit is increasingly more popular. Surprisingly many of us have erroneous running technique and if uncorrected will lead to injuries such as runner’s knee or Achilles tendinopathy (pain around the back of the ankle).

Most of these running faults can be picked up through video gait analysis. At BMJ Therapy, we use slow motion video capture to further capture these aberrant movement. The more common biomechanical errors are knocking of the knees and over-pronation of the foot.

A systematic musculoskeletal assessment then follows to find out if the erroneous running pattern is due to poor technique or weak/stiff muscles or joints. Specific exercises and running drill can then be taught to correct your running gait

Case Study 1
Watch the first video carefully, notice the unequal extension of the left hip, ie the leg does not swing back as much as the right side. This led to an overloading of the achilles tendon, resulting in pain as he runs.

In the second video, the hip extension is more equal resulting in a painfree run .

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