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Osteoarthritis Knee?

This is an injury to the cartilage of the knee joint. Cartilage is a smooth layer of tissue covering the surface of the joints. The cartilage can be worn out due to repetitive stress to the same area. This cartilage wear and tear can be divided into grade 1 to 4 (Grade 1 is mild and 4 is severe).

Grade 1 – 2, there is a mild crack/ fissure in the cartilage. Grade 3 – 4, the cartilage layer has worn down to form a cavity to the underlying bone. When you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, the cartilage in the knee is usually at the grade 3 to 4 stage.

Treatment For Osteoarthritis Knee

Grade 1- 2, physiotherapy is aim at correcting the alignment of your lower limbs and treatment may include:

  • Release of tight and overuse muscles with the help of shockwave therapy
  • Correction of walking, climbing running gait/posture
  • Recruitment of specific foot posture +/- orthotics
  • Activation and strengthening of specific lower limbs muscles

Grade 3 – 4, physiotherapy is aim at pain relief and pain management techniques, treatment may further include:

  • Corrective bracing
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Footwear correction

In grade 1-2, pain relief can take place in about 6 weeks, in grade 3 – 4, pain control can sometimes be immediate with bracing.

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When To Start

Osteoarthritis Knee Treatment

Seeking help at the grade 1-2 stage is most ideal, do seek help early. Sometimes when the pain is too severe, surgery may be the only option. At BMJ Physiotherapy, we have treated many patients with this knee problem, thus be assured that our specialists will help to solve your long-term knee injury.

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