How your low back pain is linked to your flat foot

Your foot is contributing to your back pain…the distance between them is quite far…really? Yes, there is a possibility. Considering the structural interdependence of the human […]

Your knee pain could be coming from your flat foot!

This is how the foot affects the knee: Our feet are our base of support for our body weight while standing or in motion and they […]

Shin Pain: Here’s what you need to know to Recognize it early!

Shin splint is pain that is felt along the front of your lower leg, with the pain concentrating between the knee and ankle. The medical term […]

Your Neck Pain: how to know if it is it due to Aging or Posture?

How often do I hear, “I am suffering from the effects of aging, I can feel it” – everyday! What about, “I think my neck pain […]

Just had a knee/shoulder surgery? Find out what a good physio/rehab program should have

Did you just had a knee/shoulder/back or ankle surgery and now feeling that you are worse than before the surgery?  Or did you had the surgery […]

Don’t ignore that Upper back pain

Pain at the upper back is not as common as the pain at the lower back.  It is often ignored as the source of pain because […]

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