Understanding The Neck Aches And Pain That Has Become Part Of Your Life

Our neck is a crucial part of the body that we use constantly without realizing. When you are staring at the screen now, the neck muscles […]

Waking Up in the Morning is a Pain to my Foot!

While a small minority of us springs out of bed once the alarm rings, majority of us dread to get out of bed – who’s with […]

Working from home – the new challenge for your lower back

Looks like working from home is a norm for many of us by now. This new working environment poses a lot of challenges, like distracting kids, […]

Neck and Back Aches and Pain since Working from Home?

Solution is Here! What a start to 2020! Everything seems to be upside down since January. All of us are affected somehow, from adults working from […]

Getting back from an ACL Injury: All about your ACL Rehabilitation

How did I pop my ACL? First and foremost, let start with how you got this injury, understanding the mechanics of this injury is important for […]

My Shoulder Keeps Popping Out! Can Physio Help?

Does your shoulder pop in and out of the socket easily? You are not alone. Recurrent shoulder subluxation is common with previous history of shoulder dislocation. […]

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