Anterior Knee Pain

1. What is causing the pain and how did I get it?

This signature for this condition is pain at the front of the knee when doing knee bending tasks like stairs climbing or running. The pain may also come with some grating sensation arising from the knee cap.

It is also known or be diagnosed as patella femoral pain syndrome, runners knee, patella femoral pain but they all mean the same thing.

The pain comes primarily from excessive stress to the knee cap which happens when there are:

  • Excessive overuse of the quadriceps (the front thigh muscles)
  • Weakness of the hips or hamstrings muscles
  • Faulty biomechanics
  • Poor foot postures


2. Physiotherapy

The physiotherapist will help you analyse all the different contributing factors and treatment may include the following:

  • Release of tight and overuse muscles with the help of our Shockwave Therapy Singapore specialist
  • Correction of walking, climbing running gait/posture
  • Recruitment of specific foot posture +/- orthotics
  • Activation and strengthening of specific lower limbs muscles


3. How can I help?

Though the treatment sessions you will learn how to self-correct and treat the condition either by trigger point release, control of specific muscles, correction of aberrant biomechanics.


4. How long will it take to recover? (ie. prognosis)

Depending on the severity, instant pain relief can be achieved within a session. A complete rehab programme takes about 6 weeks.

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