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Meniscus Tear?

The meniscus is a thin tissue in between the knee joint, and its main role is to absorb shock as the knee joint bends. Meniscus can be torn with a sudden twisting fall or gradually torn over time. When the knee twists, it places a lot of stress on the meniscus. This stress can eventually develop cracks and tear in the meniscus. Patient will have pain squatting and may experience knee locking sensation.

Treatment For Meniscal Injury

Physiotherapy works best with minor and intact meniscus tear.

The physiotherapist will help you analyse all the different contributing factors and treatment may include the following:

  • Walking aids to off load the meniscus if necessary
  • Correction of walking, climbing running gait/posture
  • Recruitment of specific foot posture +/- orthotics
  • Activation and strengthening of specific lower limbs muscles

A minor tear will take about 6 weeks to settle. A larger tear may require surgery to repair the damage.

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Physiotherapy For Meniscus Tear

Seek help early with any knee pain, if meniscus injury is diagnosed early, physiotherapy can help to contain the tear.

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