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Are you looking for an expert physiotherapist in Singapore? At BMJ Physiotherapy Singapore, we help to solve our clients' pain and injuries. We offer high quality, affordable physiotherapy services near you. We have outlets offering physiotherapy in the east, and in Kovan as well. We've helped many to get affordable help just when they need it. Our team of physiotherapists are registered and experienced in treating various injuries and pain. We are constantly updating ourselves with the most effective clinical technology and techniques to optimize results for our patients. Call us and allow us to help you today.

Key benefits in engaging with BMJ Physiotherapy

Accurate Diagnosis

Very Affordable

Comprehensive Long-Term Care

Quick Pain Relief

Speed Up Recovery

Improve Mobility & Strength

Prevent Further Aggravated Injuries

Overall Improvement For Your Lifestyle

Getting injured is not uncommon. The fast pace of life in Singapore also predisposes us to various kinds of overuse syndromes. At BMJ Physiotherapy, we help patients to get out of their symptoms as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapy Made Accessible

A lot of our patients are active in sports. Common sports injuries we see in our clinic includes ankle sprain, tendinopathy, knee injury, back sprain, shoulder dislocations and subluxations, shoulder impingement, muscles strains and ligament tear, etc. We always aim for our patients to be pain free in daily activities, then go back to their beloved sports as soon as possible, and thus we have a wide range of treatments to cater for those needs such as: ankle pain treatment, finger injury treatment, neck pain treatment.

Had a series injury and need to undergo surgery? We deal with post-operative rehabilitation as well. ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, cartilage repair, knee replacement, ankle ligament reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, fracture fixation, back operations, are all commonly seen at BMJ Physiotherapy Singapore. We have established protocols for the post-operative rehabilitation and keep close contact with the surgeons that perform the operation. We will ensure that the result of the operation is optimized, and our patients can maximize their functional outcome after the surgeries.

Not an active person? You are still welcomed at BMJ Physiotherapy Singapore! We deal with a lot of postural and overuse related issues such as neck pain and back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet etc. All ages, from kids to elderly are attended to in our clinics. Our specialized physiotherapy treatments include: physiotherapy for shoulder pain, physiotherapy for elbow pains, whiplash treatment physiotherapy and more.

Common issues such as knee pain and back pain can have a vast variety of causes. Seemingly similar symptoms may require totally different treatment in two different persons. Our physiotherapists will assess each individual carefully to find out what is the most suitable treatment.

A One Stop Destination For Your Physiotherapy Needs

At BMJ Physiotherapy Singapore, we use a variety of techniques and equipment to gain the best results for our patients. If you are looking for shockwave therapy in Singapore, dry needling, sports taping, supportive insoles, back braces, knee and ankle guards, clinical Pilates (including reformer exercises), walking and running gait analysis, we have them all and more. We will assess to find what is the most efficient way for you to resolve your pain.

Sometimes all that is required is not a certain treatment, but a small change in daily routine or habit. For example, a change of shoe wear may affect your ankle pain, knee pain, or even back pain. A small change in posture may largely alleviate your lower back pain or shoulder pain. Our therapists will happily share with you our knowledge and our little tricks for a faster recovery.

Our Reviews

Mr Rayson

I had a sports injury due to marathon running and was recommended by a friend to see BMJ. Through the knee recovery plan tailored by BMJ, not only did they convince me that they could rectify the issue, but in a few weeks I was able to strengthen my knee and get back to running!

Ms Celina Teo

My shoulder pains were quickly diagnosed and fixed quickly by their specialist. I think she really understood the problem immediately and could explain the exercises I had to do on my part to improve. I was very impressed by the treatment process as I no longer had any shoulder pains in a short period of time.

Shahrukh S. R

I suffered a major ACL tear which was very painful, physically and emotionally. I believe if it wasn't for the exceptional care and physiotherapy conducted by Darek, I'd be able to recover as fast as I did. Not only did he guide me through various stages of recovery but also motivated me to push myself when I kind of felt like things were hopeless. Now within a few months of the injury I am able to walk, and run without fear again and I owe it all to the expert guidance, help and support extended by Darek and his clinic. Thank you :)

Martin J. C, 50yo

I found the treatment very helpful, practical, easy to follow and very effective in helping me with my postural problems that is causing my Neck and Back pains.

Ariel V. G, 25yo

Physiotherapy helps improved my awareness on proper muscle movements and learnt a few exercises to eliminate muscles soreness. With 2 sessions of therapy, my pain has alleviated & I do not need surgery for time-being.

Varsha N. M, 48yo

My shoulder injury recurred after I had a fall. I found great improvements after the 1st session itself. With just 2 sessions of Physio and 2 sessions of Sports massage, I feel almost 100% back to playing tennis and I am pain free now. The Physio and Sports massage therapist worked together to speed up my recovery. It is an excellent centre for Physio and Sports massage. Thank you BMJ.

Marianne L., 38yo

Physiotherapy has helped me to be more aware of my body movements and how I move affect what muscles and more importantly, what is the right muscles to use and the posture to adopt. I have since changed my lifestyle and trying to keep myself from injury while keeping active. Thank you for your professional help, patience, encouragement and guidance to my recovery.

Abhinav Ratan Mohan


At his heaviest early last year, he was a hefty 116kg and had a body mass index (BMI) of 37, which put him in the Class 2 obesity range. Committed to losing weight, Mr Abhinav started his body transformation last March.

Victor Koh

Victor used to consult Darek when he was still in CSMC. He is super fit and was featured in CGH publication. Glad to meet him again!

Mr Yang Han

Excellent physiotherapist. Very knowledgeable and in addition, not only did BMJ solve my knee problems but they also managed to diagnose a back problem that I had which I was not aware of. They were very accommodating and customized a plan for me to solve both of my problems. Highly recommended and trustable physiotherapist.

Mr keerthi Srinivas, 30 yo

Reduced pain for better overall health. Good approach and explanations given with solutions provided

Michelle Goh.T.B., 29 yo

My sessions helped me with understanding what my body needs and took away my pain for the long term. Petro taught me how to look after my body.

Lenny Wijaya Tjhin, 60+yo

The physiotherapist did really well to assist the patient during the therapy now my mum able to do most of her routines. She is very happy with the result, the therapy has helped her a lot. After the first surgery we went to see a physiotherapy at tanjong pagar but the result was far from our expectation. (Below expectation). I'll recommend this place to my friends and my families.

Benedict H., male, 30yo

I had an ACL surgery and I went to Darek after 2+ months of physiotherapy at the sports clinic in the public hospital where the
exercises were routine and didn’t see much improvement. When I went to Darek, he immediately was able to target the areas and within 3 months, I was able to be back to sports. Darek is very experienced and patient with his customers. If you have an injury, be sure to get Darek!

Ong K.S. male, 24yo

I was there for post ACL reconstruction physiotherapy and received great treatment from Darek. He is very professional and has a lot of
experience. Whenever I came with a new issue regarding my knee, he was always able to pinpoint the issue, remedy and recommend follow-up
exercises to prevent recurrence. 2 years on from reconstruction and my knee is as good as it was before the tear and I’m back doing the sports I love. So I highly recommend BMJ to anyone requiring physiotherapy

Mannan P., male, 30yo

Vanessa is brilliant... She has been super helpful with my post surgery rehab!! She really knows the nuances of the issues I face, and helps with very actionable feedback and guidance.

Noreen, female, 33yo

I would like to commend my physiotherapist, Vanessa, who has helped me in treating my knee injury. She is friendly, attentive, professional and full of knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with muscle and ligament injuries to BMJ therapy.

Patrick T., male, 35yo

Very blessed to receive full recovery support from Darek Lam for my ACL injury during my Skiing accident in Hokkaido. Knowledgeable, professional & attentive physiotherapist! I was rushing for recovery to attend to my wife pregnancy so my Orthopedic recommended Darek to me as he can be more aggressive in aiding faster recovery! Well, he surely Live up to his name. Thank you

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