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Long Term Neck Pain?

Many adults are starting to suffer from neck pain owing to their working hours and habits. The upright human posture is a result of years of evolution, but it seems that we are ”De-evolving” these days with the countless hours in front of the screen. The forward head posture we see commonly in office workers puts a lot of strain on muscles and ligaments at the neck, shoulder, back and even the wrists. Imagine these poor muscles have to hold the weight of our head (about 5kg) for 8 hours! These postures commonly results in neck and back aches, even numbness and headaches.

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Physiotherapy For Neck Ache & Stiffness

At BMJ Physiotherapy, postural analysis is part of our assessment and treatment for pains that arises from poor office ergonomics. From the assessment we will cover the followings:

  • Release of tight and overused muscles with self-trigger point release technique
  • Correction of posture
  • Recruitment, activation and strengthening of specific upper body muscles
  • Taping to create postural awareness

We have seen success from 2 to 3 sessions onwards, which equates to about 2 to 6 weeks. This is highly dependent on how hard working the patient is. In addition, because postural correction is a correction of habit, it often helps if you bring a partner along. He/she will be taught how to give you feedback and some self-help technique.

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