Kinesiology Taping

These colourful and stretchy tapes were made famous after the 2008 Beijing Olympics and even more so after the 2012 London games. These tapes are used to aid recovery as part of rehab, or to enhance performance.

At BMJ Therapy, we use Rocktape as an adjunct for manual therapy and rehab exercises. When place over a joint or over a specific muscles, these flexible tape can:

  1. Decrease the discomfort and pain associated with muscles tear and strains
  2. Allow the athlete to engage in their sports pain free
  3. Enhance a certain athletic movement such as throwing or kicking
  4. Help to enhance a desirable posture of the trunk or of the foot​

Darek is also one of the official trainers for ROCKTAPE (Singapore) and he regularly conducts ROCKTAPE workshops for physiotherapist and the public.

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