Knee Injuries

We will address the following FAQ to help you understand your knee condition better:

1. What is causing the pain and how did I get it?

Is the pain causing much discomfort to your daily routines? There are several types of knee problems caused by joint issues, or issues that affecting parts of your knee such as your ligaments, tendons, etc. that are surrounding your knee. Past injuries could also cause a relapse and thus cause your knee to experience much discomfort.  Here at BMJ, we would seek to address the root of your knee problem.

2. How can physiotherapy help?

Knee Physiotherapy Singapore

At BMJ Therapy, our as part of our knee pain treatment plan, we first ensure accurate diagnosis of your knee problem, and thereafter we would carry out a customized treatment for your knee.

Our therapists will seek to reduce the pain caused by your knee injury and through a customized rehabilitation program, we will start to increase your knee’s strength and mobility, so that you can return to your daily routines.

Looking for knee physiotherapy in Singapore? Why not contact our experts today and allow us to do an accurate diagnosis with your knee and solve any possible knee issues that you might have.

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