Struggling With

Knee Pain?

Is your knee pain causing much discomfort to your daily routines? Knee injuries can be broadly categories into overuse injury, traumatic acute  (accidents) injuries and degenerative (age-related) injuries. Regardless of the type of injuries, at BMJ Physiotherapy, we seek to address the root cause of your knee problem

Types Of Knee Pain Conditions

Anterior Knee Pain

A grating sensation behind your knee cap leading to pain when flexing your knee is a sign that you have anterior knee pain. Caused by excessive stress to the knee cap, it is also known as patella femoral syndrome or runner’s knee.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

ACL injuries is caused by a traumatic twisting injury. You may experience hearing a pop sound at the point of the ACL tear. While most ACL injuries do require surgery, physiotherapy is useful before and after it.

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Meniscal Injury

Excessive twisting and uneven stress can injure your meniscus with cracks and tears lesions . You will experience pain when squatting, and in severe cases, the knee may lock.

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Osteoarthritis Knee (Cartilage Injury)

Knee osteoarthritis is an increasingly common condition among the elderly. As the condition progresses, daily tasks like walk and stairs becomes a chore and debilitating.

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Muscle Injuries (Pull & Strain)

Muscle strains and tears occur when they have been overworked. Depending on the grade of the injury, pain might be excruciating, and bruises may occur.  Hamstrings, groin and calf muscles are most susceptible to muscle injuries.

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BMJ Offers

Physiotherapy For Knee Pain

At BMJ physiotherapy, your recovery programme starts with an accurate diagnosis of your knee problem follow by a customized treatment for your injury.  Getting to the root cause is key to prevent recurrence. The root cause in many knee condition is your flat feet. The key objective for your physiotherapy is to reduce the pain. Through a customized rehabilitation program, we will start to increase your knee’s strength and mobility. Looking for knee physiotherapy in Singapore? Why not contact our physio today and solve any possible knee issues that you might have.

Key benefits:

  • Experienced knee specialists
  • Evidenced based knee treatments
  • Latest equipment and technology
  • Long term comprehensive care
  • Proven track record
  • Affordable knee care
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