Impingement (Shoulder)

1. What is causing the pain and how did I get it?

There are several muscles surrounding the shoulder joint and they all arranged very close and compact together

The impingement occurs when these muscles rub excessively with each other or the surrounding bony structures.

This can happen with sporting movements that require a lot of overhead activities and rotation of the arm. Most impingement occurs due to poor posture and muscle control. Some impingement happened because of inherent bony structure that predispose the person to excessive friction


2. How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can offer instant pain relief by correction of the scapular (shoulder blade) position and control.  Using taping and specific muscles retraining, posture can be corrected.


3. How can I help?

Postural retraining is all about understanding specific muscles control and self-correction. This can be aided by visual feedback and through kinesiology taping. Postural correction is very powerful as it can affect how your shoulder moves.


4. How long will it take to recover? (ie. prognosis)

Depending on the severity of the impingement, medical intervention (medication / injection) may be necessary.  Mild impingement can be corrected instantly within a session. It usually takes about 4 weeks to achieve long last pain free results.

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