Semi-Custom Orthotics

Semi-custom orthotics are high-grade pre-formed orthotics with personal adjustments made for individual requirements.

These devices are comparable to the full-custom devices however instead of taking into consideration the exact shape and contour of your feet, these devices are pre-fabricated relevant to the size and width of the feet with several standard sizes. Your Therapist will then modify and fine tune the devices with a combination of correction arch heights, pads and additions used relevant to your foot type, your condition and the symptoms that you are suffering.

This type of orthotic is often used in the case of children where growth is a factor and they are more affordable to replace every 2-3 years than a full-custom device whilst still being tolerated well and offering great correction and benefit. Such orthotics can also help a sports person that only needs it for short term e.g. to help him get over an injury and they are also very helpful for people suffering from arthritis in the knees.

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