What Is Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Physiotherapy

What Is Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Physiotherapy

During pregnancy, the body will experience several changes. This could range from back pains to swelling and inflammation. Pregnancy can be a challenging time for many women.

Pre-natal physiotherapy prepares women for labor

Aside from serving as a type of physiotherapy treatment for back pain, pre-natal physiotherapy also prepares women for labor. Through strengthening of the core and pelvic floor muscles, a woman can expect a smoother delivery after going through pre-natal physiotherapy.

Most physiotherapists have customized programs specially crafted for mothers-to-be. This program would be further personalized for each and every mother-to-be according to their needs. For example, physiotherapist can incorporate breathing techniques to prepare mothers for the actual labour. All in all, women can expect to cope better with changes in the body during pregnancy and be better prepared for labour through pre-natal physiotherapy.

Post-natal physiotherapy focuses on strengthening

After labour, mothers tend to face a range of problems that might cause stress. Having already gone through labor, any additional stress caused can sometimes be very difficult to manage. Post-natal physiotherapy focuses on strengthening, relaxing and stretching to help mothers recover in the shortest time possible. Often, mothers are worried about the extra pounds from pregnancy. This can be properly managed through a well-structured and specialized physiotherapy training program.

Some mothers will experience even more pain during the post-natal period. This is often due to the constant lifting (lower back pain) and breastfeeding (upper back pain). Therefore, it is important for them to stay fit through post-natal physiotherapy. Lastly, women will greatly benefit from this type of physiotherapy as it seeks to restore and improve body posture.

From pregnancy to labour to motherhood, women are subjected to many changes that can be very challenging to manage. Look for a physiotherapist in Singapore for consultation to better understand how you can benefit from it.

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