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Physiotherapist helping male athlete perform Post-surgery rehab for Elbow pain suing an orange dumbell

Read on to find out how customized physiotherapy benefits you and what to expect when visiting a physiotherapist.

The Experience of Physiotherapy Treatments Customized to your Needs In Singapore

Physiotherapy is the medical speciality concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and pain management of musculoskeletal movement disorders. Physiotherapists are experts in human movement and can help to prevent disease and maintain good health by providing effective, individualized plans to patients. Physiotherapy in Singapore is no longer just an optional well-being alternative; it has become a vital part of one’s physical health plan. From helping people recover faster after injury with rehabilitation to correcting faulty movements that lead to pain in other parts of the body or even cause future problems. The various physiotherapy treatments customized to your needs will aid pain relief, lower your risk of injury, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and much more. So if you’re looking for some more information about how physiotherapy can work for you and what you can expect from a physiotherapist in order to see effective results in reducing your pain and improving your overall health, read on!

Get in Good Hands of a Team of World Class Physiotherapists with BMJ Physiotherapy

Did you know that at Singapore’s BMJ Physiotherapy network of Physio clinics provides accessible, affordable and quality specialist care for your bones, muscles and joint conditions thru physiotherapy and rehabilitation? Our team of highly trained allied health professionals (Experienced Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Sports Physio) adopts the latest technology-proven treatment methods and practices evidence-based physiotherapy to assess your condition and is focused on helping improve your overall movement, mobility and strength. Our team of physiotherapists are fully registered practitioners who are governed by the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), a professional board under the Ministry of Health. BMJ Physiotherapy’s team of world-class excellent physiotherapy professionals provides the full range of physiotherapy services from injury prevention to sports massage therapy. Their Singapore physio has more than 18 years of experience combined and has helped countless people in Singapore overcome their pain and physical limitations. If you’re looking for a physio, who can help to improve your mobility and prevent further injuries, be sure to check out BMJ Physiotherapy!

Aches, Pains and Common Conditions Our Physiotherapist Treat

A lot of people believe that if they just have a problem with neck and back pain, they should pop into the doctor’s office and get some painkiller medication that will fix everything. That isn’t always true. Pain is a complex phenomenon caused by many different factors, for example, injuries to joints which can result in ongoing pain like plantar fasciitis. Aside from medical conditions that cause pain, such as
osteoarthritis knee or cancer treatments, physiotherapists are able to treat many different conditions including but not limited to: 

– Headaches/migraines 

Neck pain, tension and muscle spasms 

Shoulder and upper back pain 

– Sciatica (pain due to an injury to the sciatic nerve) 

– Poor blood circulation in limbs 

Chronic lower back pain from sedentary office work 

Knee pain in and around the knee cap region to help you return to pain-free movement

female patient doing dry needling because left knee pain by physiotherapy Singapore Allied Health Professional

Recommended Physiotherapy Treatments and Services to help you get your body back to the optimum pain-free state

There are many treatments and services available in Singapore to choose from. The most common ones include the following: 

– Individualise manual therapy

– Stretching and strengthening exercises 

Sports physiotherapy to rehab after recovering from sports injuries 

Sports massage 

Dry needling

– Kids/Youth Sports Physiotherapy

Clinical Pilates

The list of services that you can expect from your physiotherapist is quite extensive. It’s recommended to research which solution would be best for you and your needs before visiting a physiotherapist in order to get the best possible outcome.

Professional & Personalized evaluation to diagnose the root cause of your pain in order to prescribe a customized treatment plan.

Physiotherapy can help you recover faster after injury, relieve chronic pain and discomfort, and improve muscle strength post-surgery. Still, there is a lot more it can do for your body. A physiotherapist will evaluate your range of motion in a variety of ways to determine if you have any underlying health issues to get to the root cause that is causing the pain. They will take into account your current condition and personalize the strength of their customized plan based on your needs. If you’re someone who is looking for a professional evaluation and personalized treatment plan, then make sure you book an appointment with a physiotherapist in Singapore.

physiotherapist performing manual therapy on right shoulder blade of woman facing down on sports massage table

How Much Do Physiotherapy Costs in Singapore?

The cost of treatments can vary depending on the type, duration of treatment, and the number of physiotherapy sessions to get. Some types will be cheaper than others, so it’s important to find a treatment that fits your budget. Most treatments are covered by insurance providers with direct billing, so you should check with your insurer before starting physio to see if they cover them. Some may ask for a referral letter from your doctor before approving a certain treatment, or you may have to pay out-of-pocket for some services. At BMJ Physiotherapy, we are on the panel of renowned insurers Aetna, BUPA & Cigna and you should also be able to claim the medical costs from your personal accident or corporate insurance on a case-to-case basis.

Visit our Physiotherapy Singapore Clinic Locations Islandwide for Tailored Solutions for Pain Recovery

As one of the highly recommended and leading physiotherapy clinic groups across Singapore for physio treatment. If you’re searching for more information about how physiotherapy and rehab work, contact us to book a visit to our Singapore physiotherapy clinic to get your frequently asked questions answered by a physiotherapist in order for you to decide on the best possible solutions to reducing your pain and improving your overall health. Enjoy reasonable rates and effective treatment at BMJ Physiotherapy with a number of sessions customized to your individual needs. Rest assured, knowing that a physio will take into account not only the sources of pain or movement issues but also the patient’s lifestyle and physical fitness levels, as well as their expectations. They will also assess which techniques work best with the individual’s goals, habits, and lifestyle. Our physiotherapy centre has the program to help and the equipment to enhance your overall well-being. If you need more information about how effective physiotherapy treatments can work for you, check out our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore Islandwide. We have 6 clinics in Singapore at Orchard Road, Marine Parade, Kovan, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Raffles Place for your convenience!





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