Neck and Back Aches and Pain since Working from Home?

Solution is Here!

What a start to 2020! Everything seems to be upside down since January. All of us are affected somehow, from adults working from home to a complete change in lifestyle. As you are already experiencing, there are so many changes and one thing that may not have change (or seemingly getting worse) could be your ache and pains that has been bothering you.

What if the solution is just a click or two away?

This is where online physiotherapy can help you straight away. Click here!

What exactly is Online physiotherapy?

It is an online physio session where our physiotherapists will connect with you via video conferencing. All done online and just a mouse click away, we can get you connected to our physiotherapists. Platform is entirely secured and no additional software needed.  Access this portal via your mobile or laptop! Once connected, we are a few questions away from a diagnosis and solution to your aches and pain. From the session, the physio will develop a tailored treatment plan to manage your conditions using various techniques such as self-massage, self-scar release and movement exercise therapy.

Don’t the Physio need to physically examine my injury?

Physiotherapists can typically diagnose a condition via a series of questions and movement tests (all can be done online).  So 80% to 90% of the information to diagnose comes from the interview. We have developed ways to help you touch and feel certain spots on your body to help us further understand the diagnosis. The online session will also cover how you can self-help and treat yourself from simple movement therapy to self-massage and release technique. At the end of the session, you should feel that you are in control and can -better manage your pain.

Who Is online physio for?

Physiotherapists are experts in the treatment of any pain, strain or ache related to your bones, muscles and joints. If there is any time to sort out your aches and pain, this is it! This work from home period is a perfect opportunity to get some expert help, fuss free and at the convenience of your own home.

Even before this stay at home period, many of you are already working from home. We know that home environment and ergonomics (home office-desk chair setup) is not perfect. It can worsen your existing minor aches and pain! We were already helping many such patients before this work from home measures kicked in! So let us help you to modify your work desk along the way as we help you get rid of the ache and pain. Why let ache and pain add to our misery during this time?

We also do recognise there will be conditions beyond the scope of online physio or our practice. This is where we also will have resources to refer you to the appropriate medical expert.

How does it work ?

Quick Tips for your session

  • Get ready any medical reports or investigation you might have. Could be the most recent Xray or MRI reports.
  • Find a suitable location with enough space for you to let us have a full view of your body. Make sure it is bright as well. Where possible use a lap top or mobile in a position where you can be hands free.
  • Wear appropriately so that we can have a full view of your injury. For a knee injury, wear appropriate sports gear.
  • If you have another person at home, get them to join in, we may just need their help.


With this, you are ready to go sort this ache and pain out. We are just a click away! Are you ready to say goodbye to your pain?

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