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BMJ Physiotherapy Singapore provides accessible and quality specialist care for your bones, muscles, and joints. Our team of highly trained allied health professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and rehab therapists) adopts the latest proven treatment methodologies and works in alliance to deliver the best possible care to our patients.

“A painkiller numbs the pain temporarily. Physiotherapy manages pain naturally.”

Singapore Physiotherapy

We strive to help our patients recover as quickly and safely as possible through physiotherapy treatments, so they can resume and enjoy their pre-injury lifestyle.

 What is physical therapy treatment?

Physiotherapy is the implementation of evidence-based, time-tested techniques to help restore, maintain, and improve movement, function, and overall well-being. It includes both rehabilitation and injury prevention, as well as the promotion of health and fitness. It combines knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the study of normal body function, with neuroscience, the study of the structure and function of the nervous system.

What does a Physiotherapy Session Include?

Physiotherapy focuses on diagnosing and treating a patient’s injury, disease, or physical deformity. The emphasis is on overcoming functional issues such as difficulty in mobility and completing everyday tasks.

-Physiotherapy treatment may consist of one or more of the following:
-Electrical stimulation for pain relief
-Manual Release Therapy to Improve Joint Movements or Soft Tissue Tension
-Movement re-training
-Individualised exercise programme

Our Area of Specialities

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Bones, Muscles, and Joints conditions

We refer to injuries to the bones, muscles, and joints as musculoskeletal injuries. Some common examples include back pain, ankle sprains, slipped discs and stress fractures. This type of injury can be caused by various factors, such as overuse, sudden impact, falls, or accidents. When these injuries occur, performing daily activities or maintaining a normal lifestyle can be difficult. However, BMJ physiotherapists are specially trained to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries, which can help patients regain their mobility and quality of life quickly. By working with a physiotherapist, patients can receive a personalised treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and helps them recover from their injuries.

Sports physiotherapy & Return to Sports

Led by ex-team SG sports physiotherapists, we bring sports injury assessment and management to a broader audience of sports enthusiasts.

We understand your sport’s and lifestyle’s demands and aim to bring you back to your sport more robust and faster than before. We value the teamwork behind getting you back by working closely with your sports doctor, therapists, coaches, or parents.

BMJ Physiotherapy Singapore is backed by years of expertise and experience, knowledge of human anatomy, and the latest treatment approaches. Let us get you back to your game safely and quickly.

Prehab and post-surgical rehab

Prehabilitation before surgery is the sensible way to prepare for orthopaedic surgery. We aim to reduce the risk of postoperative complications and improve recovery times. Knowing that he is well prepared for the upcoming surgery is often very reassuring to the patient.

Post-surgery rehabilitation is essential and is guided by our physiotherapist using orthopaedic doctor-approved guidelines. We work closely with your doctors to ensure a smooth and fast recovery.

Our Services

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Manual therapy or mobilisation therapy

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT)

Dry needling

Clinical Pilates

Sports massage

Exercise testing and therapy

BFR training


Taping and Kinesio taping

Postural analysis and body reading

Running gait analysis

Ergonomics assessment

Prehabilitation and post-op rehab

Orthotics Fitting

Google & Facebook Reviews

Excellent5.0 Based on 764 reviews from review us oninesh Basuinesh Basu ★★★★★ vanessa is a very experienced physiotherapist and really helped me with my knee troubles. 10/10!Vic WongVic Wong ★★★★★ Wonderful team in Kovan with friendly staff. I had an ACL injury and was recommended to come to BMJ for my rehab. My physio was Aloysius Chan. He is friendly and tries to tailor the exercises to my lifestyle and activities. I am now back to my premorbid and improving. Thank you.Choo YTChoo YT ★★★★★ Few months back I suffered from lower back pain and did MRI with no major problems. Decided to visit BMJ Hougang as recommended by Orthopaedic International and consulted Dr Kiyoko. After a few weeks under Dr Kiyoko’s supervision, my lower back pain has improved significantly and can go back to my routine activities. Dr Kiyoko has been very professional in explaining my conditions and helpful in my physiotherapic exercises. I like to express my appreciation to her during these past few weeks under supervisionMr ChooLM CheongLM Cheong ★★★★★ GP had referred me to seek for Physiotherapy’s treatment when I had bad shoulder pain and headache. I came across BMJ (AMK) and was blessed to be assigned to Ding Zhi to treat my problem. He had identified the root cause of my prolonged pain and guided me to correct my posture and activate my muscles. These had definitely fixed my problems. In addition, he had customised a series of manageable exercises for my long term maintenance. He is indeed a knowledgeable and caring physiotherapist. Thank you so much.Lastly, I am also very thankful to the administrator who helped me to schedule the bookings. She is always very helpful, prompt and thoughtful.I have a wonderful experience and treatment here.Menon VilasiniMenon Vilasini ★★★★★ i came with tremendous pain & was attended by Nicole , she is very good and knowledgeable person, helped me with relieving my pain , took video and showed me the know how to go about with then exercises , very caring & knowledgeable lady who is an asset to have in the company . thank you Nicole of taking care of me & helping meMMMM ★★★★★ I saw Bruno for knee pain after I recently started playing pickleball. It was at the point when I thought I had to give up the sport. I came all the way to BMJ Tampines to see him because of my previous experience with him as physiotherapist because of different muscular issues. Due to various injuries and conditions over the years, I have seen many different physiotherapists both at private clinics and hospitals. I can confidently say Bruno is the best of them all in terms of expertise and effectiveness of treatment. He could diagnose the problem, explain the body mechanics of it in easy terms and recommend specific exercises to help overcome the knee pain. It is challenging for patients to remember the specific nuances of exercises/stretches to follow up with but Bruno helps me remember through videos etc. He epitomizes professionalism and patient centered care. Keep it up, Bruno!Shallee Ng Lay HuangShallee Ng Lay Huang ★★★★★ I went through therapy with Physio Bruno for back pain issue. Physio Bruno is very experienced and always explains clearly about my issue and how to strengthen my back muscles. I am glad to be under his care and can recover fast. THANK YOU PHYSIO BRUNO!!!Ming En LiewMing En Liew ★★★★★ Visited BMJ for persistent lower back pain over the years and was assigned to Nicole. Had an amazing experience working with her! Her assessment was thorough and professional, but beyond that, she would listen attentatively to all my concerns and was extremely patient and empathetic in all the sessions.She was able to identify the root cause of my issues and prescribed exercises that addressed the symptoms, while helping to strengthen my body overall to ensure I could continue with my own recovery even outside the physio sessions. Working with her has helped me gain a better awareness of my body and taught me how to effectively prevent future injuries.I also appreciated that I was never pressured to attend more physio sessions than I needed. Once I had the tools to manage my symptoms and recovery on my own, Nicole encouraged me to stop the physio exercises unless I faced more trouble.Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend them! 🙂Tham KokTham Kok ★★★★★ Very systematic diagnosis of patient's problematic areas and suggestions of remedies which lead to speedy recovery.Angie NgAngie Ng ★★★★★ My personal progress with BMJ was one that is beyond my expectation. I fell twice this year even before I could recover from my 1st fall. I count my blessings to be treated by physio therapist, Ding Zhi .I told him my goal was to be able to continue to play badminton /table tennis leisurely. During my weekly physiosessions he taught & explain things to me that I never ever knew. He customized weekly work out for me to carry on at home till my recovery were significant enough to move on to activate those collapsed muscles so to speak before adding more challenges to it. Mainly to correct & adapt physically in stages & further developed the weakness.He also considered the daily functionality in ones daily living which I really appreciated. With each session l could few the improvement. What I could not move with ease had incredible decreased to none. This is phenomenal !Truly I am grateful to Ding Zhi for his diligent and initiative in his weekly treatment that led me to a full recovery .I am bless with every 45 mins of physio therapy sessions and of course as he has emphasized my due diligent too that work hand in hand to this phenomenal recovery.Thank you once again to Ding Zhi .Blessings & wishes to you and all the staff at BMJ A Happy Lunar New Year.God blessAngie Ng5 Feb 2024Jazlyn TanJazlyn Tan ★★★★★ I'm really grateful to have Nicole as my physiotherapist. You will see that she is very kind, thoughtful, patient, respectful and empathetic. Just in general, great bedside manners! She listens intently to my issues/progress every session and asked me a lot of questions to do a thorough assessment. I feel heard when I see her. She is also one of the rare health/medical practitioners whom I've met who links the dots between physical and mental health, which is so under practised in this day and age. Apart from the rehabilitation exercises, she also gave me tips and advice to decompress. I feel that she really cares and want me to get better and be independent to manage the pain on my own when it's triggered again. Thank you Nicole & the team at BMJ AMK for your support all these months.Ngu AnthonyNgu Anthony ★★★★★ What of my this time treatment experience from Dec 2023 to Jan 2024 found that was good and healthful, especial the Physio Nicole kind and accomplished.Thank you to Nicole.Joanne YeohJoanne Yeoh ★★★★★ Physiotherapist: VanessaVanessa was attentive to my needs and helped me to identify my pain points. The short gentle massage that she provided was 💯! She suggested progressive home regimens for me to do so I could also gauge my own progress.Felt that my needs were being heard and was very understanding when she knew that I slowed down in my home physio due to me going back to work..Even after two months after my completion of therapy, I still fondly remembered how well the service was from the receptionist to the physio!Psst, but do work closely with your physio and be as compliant as possible to the home regimens suggested to have a smoother recovery rate!Would totally recommend Vanessa for your physio!Raynold TanRaynold Tan ★★★★★ I visited BMJ for back pain upon recommendation from a friend and received treatment from Nicole. Working with her for the past 2-3 months has been fantastic! Nicole's clear instructions during sessions and at-home exercises have been instrumental in my recovery. Her expertise, personalized approach, and genuine care make her an outstanding physiotherapist. Highly recommend Nicole and the services at BMJ.Hong SimHong Sim ★★★★★ I fractured my tibia with displacement and was referred to Dr Sharon for physiotherapy in may 2023 She is a cheerful and detailed person. She will cater workouts specifically to address my leg weakness, pivots and body balance. When going through the workout, she will explain which part of the muscle the exercise is targeting and where i should be using strength and ensure that i understand and do it correctly. My leg feels stronger and i can also feel my body is more balanced as the days goes.Today is jan 2024 and i am officially discharged. Big thanks to Dr Sharon for her help during this period.keane Ngkeane Ng ★★★★★ My therapist, Vanessa has always been very enthusiastic to suggest different approaches to treat my knee pain. thankfully,my pain is subsiding.Bee Hong LawBee Hong Law ★★★★★ I’m really please with the service of my therapist. As I went there weekly after my surgery. Nicole Voon helps me and advise on how I can practice at home. She even let me know how many sessions I needed.Li YenLi Yen ★★★★★ I was referred to Physio Angela after my calf muscle torn. Due to my nature of work, I had to stand and walk a lot. Hence, during my recovery, my ankle started to get worst. I was with Angela almost 1 year plus and I also brought my son along for physio because of his flat foot which he got pain mostly after his CCA training. He was with Angela for a year. I am very glad and can say I'm fully recovered, no pain and can jog with ease. And my son has no complain of pain after tough training from his CCA too and Angela also had prepared him for his NS training. Angela is very patient and friendly. Every session, she will ask about our progress and issue. Then she will tweak the session to address the issue by telling us what to do next. Of course, as a patient, we need to be discipline to do it everyday. It takes time but I can see the results for me and my son. We are really grateful and would like to thank Angela for her patient and guidance in this journey. All the very best to Angela and thank you so much!Gloria Ch'ngGloria Ch'ng ★★★★☆ Alyssa has been very patient with my mum, helping her to regain her confidence in walking. My mum is very happy and grateful for Alyssa's encouragement, assurance, display of concern. THANK YOU! Alyssa n BMJ.Wendy ChongWendy Chong ★★★★★ I had a good experience with BMJ. Dr Sharon always listened to my issues and constantly suggested different treatments and exercises to address the issues. Definitely a physio that I would recommend to a friend!Eugene Isaac LohEugene Isaac Loh ★★★★★ Very professional physiotherapist. Nice and clean environmentTan Yan YanTan Yan Yan ★★★★★ Thanks to Senior Physiotherapist Aloysius Chan. He is very professional, monitors my progress of healing closely and is able to customize exercises to help me heal and strengthen my left leg.Highly recommended.Jerry TanJerry Tan ★★★★★ I had a great experience with BMJ physiotherapy clinic at Kovan. Mr Aloysius Chan is the assigned physiotherapist in charge of my case. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. He taught me a few very useful exercises to be done daily and it helps me a lot for my back injury. Thank you Aloysius😊Sally YapSally Yap ★★★★★ Dr Hwee Koon, thank you very much for the care and treatment for my left foot. You are very professional and i would recommend you to anyone who are looking for a good physio to treat them. 👍Mahes VaranMahes Varan ★★★★★ Dr Sharon (Senior physiotherapist)Underwent a couple of sessions with Dr Sharon for my shoulder rehab. Dr Sharon identified the root cause of my shoulder pain and provided sufficient exercises for me to work on my own. This eventually reduced the pain in my shoulders. Additionally, she shared tips on how I could improve my weightlifting techniques.Ms Irene (Receptionist)Ms Irene welcomes customers into their premise and ensures any waiting time before and after the physiotherapy session is minimal.r.rachelr.rachel ★★★★★ Went there because of my knee injury and was referred to see Physio Darek Lam. The sessions were extremely helpful in helping me understand more about what I should be mindful and aware of to prevent recurrent injurys to my knee. The session has really helped and improved the way I perceive and think about my injury and I am very thankful to have gone through all the sessions and get progressively better and better each session. It was been very rewarding and an eye opening experience to have gone through the sessions.Daphne OngDaphne Ong ★★★★★ My Psio Doc Ding Zhi @AMK is very helpful and patient in showing me how to do the exercises in order to strengthen my arm muscles. The exercises are very useful and interesting, dont need to buy any equipment in order to do the exercises.

After 4 months of theraphy, i dont feel any arm muscle ache when slping anymore, i also cut down taking medicine in order to sleep with the pain.

Bmj always try to find available slot for sessions so i dont need to rush after work. They even extend the hours by a bit if we cannot reach in time.
Daphne OngDaphne Ong ★★★★★ My Psio Doc Ding Zhi is very helpful and patient in showing me how to do the exercises in order to strengthen my arm muscles. The exercises are very useful and interesting, dont need to buy any equipment in order to do the exercises.Took estimated 4 months to recover.Bmj always try to find available slot for sessions so i dont need to rush after work. They even extend the hours by a bit if we cannot reach in time.Emily SharpEmily Sharp ★★★★★ When I learnt about my bulging disc, I was referred to BMJ via my husband. Vanessa is a godsend. She listened to my concerns and worked with my specialist’s referral. I’m back doing yoga again and it’s all thanks to the friendly and personal care from BMJ.Fauzi Saat MohdFauzi Saat Mohd ★★★★★ My experience here is unforgettable,first time i come already welcome me by the frontdesk with smile and assistance,all the staff is very friendly..My physio is Aloysius,thanks to him,treat my injury till cured...he very care n concern to all his patient too,and very friendly,all my session with him starts with laugh and jokes🤣,which to me he want his patients go the process of recovery with confidence,very thoughtful of him and initiative...what i can say,BMJ is recommended to those who need therapy....👍👍👍


From Passion to Practice: The Founder’s Story of BMJ Physiotherapy

Is there a better way in Singapore’s Physiotherapy?

Curious, better technique, more effective, keep learning.

Darek, the founder and physio mentor of BMJ Physiotherapy clinic began his physiotherapy journey 20 years ago in a UK university.  It was in Manchester where he was intrigued by the body healing ability and how we can influence the body to heal better.

His quest for better and the latest technique often led him to courses outside and beyond his university curriculum.  So, even as a student and with limited resources he invested his own time and money to attend multiple physio related courses during his school vacations. This mindset to continuous learning and the search for better strategies is a practice Darek has hold forth even to this day where even the pandemic couldn’t hold him back from attending online conferences.

In 2003, Darek joined CGH where he made a real impact on the ground. He thoroughly enjoyed his early years in the hospital putting into practice the skills he picked up.

Even though he has his hands full with his full-time work, he continues to set aside time to upgrade his skill at his own expense and time.

In 2008, he even invested a full year to deepen his knowledge by acquiring Masters in sports physiotherapy in Queensland, Australia.

Treating the Root Cause

Through this constant upgrading, he discovered so much more about the human body and it led him to his current practice mantra: treating the root cause of any injury.  

“I believe that treating the root cause of any injuries is vital to solving pain for the long term.  And I really want to make a difference”. 

Darek realised that what he had learned traditionally was focus mostly on solving the symptoms and not looking at the problem holistically.   There were a number of insightful cases that help him to see the root cause of the injury.  

For example, there as this gentleman who had a persistent shoulder pain who was unresponsive to the usual physio treatment.  He discovered that the shoulder pain was connected to an old abdominal surgery that has altered his posture.  His root cause of his shoulder injury was the scarring at the abdomen! The physio session took on another approach to address the abdominal scar tissue with long lasting pain relief to his shoulder.

Moving on, perfecting skills, connecting the dots

After 8 years in the hospital, Darek felt that he did not have the time luxury with his patients to explore about the root cause of their problems.  The hectic scheduling at times needed him to see two to three patients at a go!  This didn’t align with his mantra.

In 2013, he made a bold decision to start his own practice, BMJ Physiotherapy clinic.  At his own clinic,  he made it a point to spend more quality time with each patient to further dive into clear diagnosis, investigating root causes and to tweak his treatments.  Giving enough time for this patient also means that his patients could feel a lot more care, concern and the 360 degrees attention.

The rigour of running his own clinic still didn’t stop him from continuous education momentum he had from his early years. With adequate patient mileage and the latest physio knowledge/ research he was now able to help his patients connect the dots between the current pain, your past injury, lifestyle and even your environment factor can all be root causes to be your injury.

“Your sessions are different to others I have attended!”  these remarks are common with patients who consulted with Darek and his BMJ team. “I can understand my problems a lot better now.”

He remembered this other case, a 40 plus gentleman who came in for rehabilitation after this left knee cartilage surgery. As his rehab progressed, his analysis and investigation led him to conclude that the reason why he needed to do a left knee surgery was due to a right knee injury he suffered years ago that he didn’t recovered from. So over the years, he had to overly rely on his left knee for his sports.  

So as they realised, the physio treatment eventually have to focus on this unoperated side.  Thankfully, he was eventually able to equalise both his leg strength for him to return to running!

These and many more examples are evident in the google and facebook reviews.

Passing on BMJ physiotherapy skills

With all these years of accumulated knowledge running BMJ physiotherapy, Darek made a decision to mentor the next generation of physio so as to start a movement of discovering root causes.  He is able to put his treatment methodology into 3 steps: BMJ’s ACT therapy.  Through a series of steps, BMJ physiotherapists can figure out the root cause of your injury achieving long term pain relief. (see below)

His commitment to mentor the next generation of physios is seen in his weekly mentor sessions with his team

“ I believe  collective intelligence and nurturing an environment where everyone can share and  learn openly. “  and this has been the intention he had set out from the word go.

“I plan to continue to challenge younger physio to raise their own standards and bring physiotherapy to the next level.”

BMJ three steps to discover the root cause of the pain

Bringing BMJ physio to the sporting world

Its has been 10 years since the inception of BMJ physio clinic, Darek is ready to bring physiotherapy to another level.

A recent survey done by ActiveSG found that regular participation in sport/physical activity reached an all time high of 72%!  They found out that the pandemic had reinforced value of active lifestyle for health and mental wellness.

This higher sports participation rate unfortunately do come with higher incidence of sports related injury.  This is where BMJ physio come in timely to offer and managed sports injury effectively at the primary care level.

“We have also notice how Singaporeans are more serious about their sports and wanting to bring their performance to another level and beyond”

As part of BMJ’s evolve mission, he is proud to bring on board a senior principal physiotherapist, Yeo Hwee Koon who has over 20 years of experience treating our national athletes in Singapore Sports Institute and FAS.

“After taking care of our country’s best athletes, I believe it is time to bring the same level of medical treatment to the rest of Singapore.”

“I am excited to join Darek and team BMJ because I can feel his passion often in not just simply solving the symptoms of any injury, but to deep dive into the factors that causes the injury”.

Together with BMJ treatment methodology and her expertise in treating elite athletes, they hope to bring top notch physiotherapy treatment to our recreational sport fraternity.  This expanded scope will make sports medicine and physiotherapy available to the wider population.

“I joined BMJ also because I share the same philosophy of nurturing our next generation of physiotherapists.  I look forward to partnering BMJ physio to create a community of happy healthy physically fit Singapore.”

Our Alliance


Am I suitable for physiotherapy?

You are suitable if you are experiencing discomfort from any one of the following:

  1. Musculoskeletal injuries: Physiotherapy can help treat injuries to bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues, such as sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations.
  2. Chronic pain: Physiotherapy can help manage and alleviate chronic pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic back pain.
  3. Sports injuries: physiotherapy can help prevent and treat sports and physical activity injuries.
  4. Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation: physiotherapy can help prepare for surgery and aid in recovery from surgeries such as joint replacement or spine surgeries.
What does physiotherapy treat?

Physiotherapy can treat a wide range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. At BMJ, we specialise in treating musculoskeletal conditions. Here are some examples of issues the physiotherapists at BMJ can address:

–   Posture
–   Pain
–   Mobility and range of motion
–   Strength and endurance
–   Balance and coordination
–   Sports-specific injuries and injury prevention

Can my health insurance cover my treatment cost?

Physiotherapy fees are claimable from your insurer under most of medical insurance. If you are planning to claim the charges from your insurer, it would be advisable for you to check with your insurer or agent on the procedures.

Do you work with children?

We are more than pleased to welcome children of all ages.

Can I book online?

You may register with us via our BMJ Physiotherapy website (bmjtherapy.com) or reach us by call (details for each brunch are available on our website).

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A doctor’s referral is not necessary. However, some insurance plans may require a referral to cover the cost of physiotherapy. It is important to determine their specific requirements with your insurance provider or healthcare system.
Overall, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist.

What is the treatment like? Will it hurt?

The results of the assessment determine the treatment techniques used. Some techniques may require more force, which could cause slight discomfort. It is important to communicate any discomfort you experience to your physiotherapist so they can adjust their treatment methods accordingly.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

The time it takes to recover from an injury or condition varies depending on factors like severity, age, and overall health. Recovery is often a gradual and progressive process that requires patience and consistency. An individualised treatment plan can help optimise recovery. While improvements may take time to happen, progress can be made with consistent effort. Your physiotherapist can estimate your recovery time and give you personalised instructions.
Overall, depending on your diagnosis and the severity of your impairments, you may require just one visit or you may need months of care.

How long does each session last?

Each session typically lasts 45 minutes. This allows enough time for a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition and to develop and implement a personalised treatment plan to address the individual’s specific needs.

How frequent are the sessions?

Typically, during the initial stage of treatment, it is recommended that you attend one or two physiotherapy sessions per week for the first four weeks. The frequency of these sessions may vary depending on the severity of your injury and the estimated recovery time.

What can I expect for my first appointment?

On your first appointment, you will thoroughly assess your condition to diagnose the root cause of your issues. With an accurate diagnosis, our physiotherapist will customise a rehabilitation programme that optimises treatment outcomes.

Treatment typically involves one or a combination of the following treatment techniques during the session:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Customised Exercises
  • Electrical modalities, such as shockwave and TENS electrical stimulation therapy,
  • Foot Orthotic Therapy

You can also expect to receive self-management recommendations with home exercises and physical aids prescribed if required.

How should I prepare or dress for my first appointment?

Preparing for your physiotherapy appointment can help you get the most out of the session. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Gather information: List any symptoms, concerns, or questions about your injury or condition, and remember to bring along your referral letters, medical reports, and diagnostic imaging such as X-rays or an MRI (if applicable).
  2. Wear comfortable clothing. Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely. Avoid restrictive clothing that may make it difficult for your physiotherapist to assess your movement.
  3. Arrive about 10 minutes early to allow time for paperwork and intake procedures. This will also give you time to familiarise yourself with the clinic.
Do I need to make an appointment?

Our bookings are mainly by appointment basis thus we recommend that you make an appointment with us to avoid any wasted walk-in appointment request.

Simply call us, message us on our chat box on our website, or via our online booking form on our website.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card (Visa/MC/Amex), PayNow and Cash.