How can Orthotics help me?

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Orthotics are specially made insoles that offers extra support to the feet. It is most commonly used for flat feet (pronated feet), but can also be used for problems such as high foot arch, and bunions.

Deformities in the feet affect not only the feet, but also the biomechanics of the whole lower limb. Commonly, when there is excessive pronation of the foot arch, the whole lower limb turns inward together with the collapse of the foot arch. This creates a twisting force at the ankle and knee joints, and brings the lower back into a more arched posture. This leads to extra stress at these joints and the surrounding muscles. Thus people with pronated feet may find themselves taking extra long time to recover from ankle sprains and knee injuries. And they may have back pain related to prolonged standing and walking.

Usually foot arch related problem can be improved with more supportive foot wear, such as sports shoes rather than slippers. Orthotics provide additional support on top of good foot wear. It has extra support at the foot arch to assist the forming of a normal arch. It thus improves the alignment of the whole lower limb and reduces stress on the joints and muscles. Therefore orthotics are commonly used to reduce pain in the lower limbs and the lower back that are assessed to be related to foot arch problems.

Orthotics come in various forms and prices. Simpler and less expensive ones can be bought off the shelf. More complicated foot deformities may require tailor-made orthotics that can be prescribed by physiotherapists or podiatrists. Physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s area of pain and the biomechanics of the lower limbs to decide whether the patient will benefit from orthotics, and what type of orthotics is most suitable for the patient. Orthotics will be adjusted to make sure that patient can experience immediate reduction in pain.







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