Ankle Pain

  • Do you still have pain in your ankle after a ankle surgery?
  • Do you still experience pain going down stairs or squatting?
  • Does your ankle limit you from running or from returning to your favorite sports?
  • Do this simple test now and find out if you have recovered fully from your ankle sprain.


Most ankle strains tend to heal well with rest. Sometimes, certain ankle injuries may leave substantial scar tissue behind which can cause some ankle movement to be painful even after a long time. (Think about scar tissue as waste accumulation from the healing and repair process). Similarly, most ankle surgery / fractures would leave massive scar around the injured region. These scar tissue need to be dealt with as soon as possible, as the scarring can harden with time making treatment difficult and prolong.

If your doctor has accurately diagnosed that you need an ankle pain treatment, please seek immediate help to resolve this specific ankle problem that you have.

Or if you have found out that your ankle has sprained and get an ankle sprain treatment immediately.

Try this simple clinical test to see if your ankle has fully healed:

(1) Position your injured foot on a stool and inch your knee forward towards the wall as shown. Your heel must remain in contact with the stool.

(2) Measure the number of fingers from your big toe to wall. You may be limited by pain or stiffness.

(3) Compare this distance to your uninjured side.

If you have pain or if the distance is lacking on the injured side. You have not fully recovered from your initial injury.


How can BMJ Therapy help you?

Ankle Pain Treatment

At BMJ Therapy, our specialists are able to diagnose the cause and condition of your ankle pain. Subsequently, we tailor our ankle pain treatment plan for our patients so that they will experience pain relief and recover as soon as possible. We provide non-surgical hands-on treatment to help with pain relief and we guide our patients on the necessary exercises to follow to self-heal.


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