Ergonomic Consultation

Ergonomic Consultation

Workplace workstation assessment is a detailed assessment of an employee’s office workstation or work area, often conducted if an employee experiences discomfort or sustained an injury.

Such assessments are aimed to analyze and identify the risk factors that may cause injury. This assessment is done at the employee’s workstation and may be an office worker (desk set up) or someone working in other areas e.g. storeroom packers.

An analysis of the employee’s job requirements, workstation set up and their working posture will be conducted, concluded by prescription of preventative actions etc. rest, modifications to the workstation and possible stretch breaks throughout the day to minimize injuries and as well as recommendations of ergonomic equipment that may be required.

A report will be formulated following the assessment and will be provided to Human Resources for action. Such assessments can be conducted on an individual basis as well as proactively.

Proactive workstation assessments enable an organization to ensure that their employees are set up at their workstation in a safe and correct manner. They usually involve a shorter assessment and more concise report or it can be done as a presentation as part of a team education session.

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