What to do with recurrent ankle sprains

An ankle sprain is one of the most prevalent types of injuries around. Most athletes have been sidelined for ankle sprains at one point of their lives. Ankle sprains are not limited to sports activity as it can also occur during any walking activity. As much as how common this injury is, still many individuals do not address it properly.

Poor treatment of ankle sprains can lead to major long-term effects. This includes a significantly heightened risk of reoccurring complications. Re-sprains, lowered range of movement and ankle weakness are common long-term implications from poor ankle treatment. As such, today we will be discussing the role of physiotherapy for ankle sprain injury.

Sprained Ankle Treatment

It is very common that many individual do not undergo any treatment or rehabilitation for ankle sprains. It is a common misconception to believe that the injury have healed once the pain or swelling have subsided. Often, individuals report instability and stiffness even for months or years after the injury. This is caused by negligence during the management of ankle sprains injury.

A sprain occurs as a result of damage to the ankle ligament. Our body develops scar tissues when healing the injury. These tissues are never as strong as it once was. Therefore, there is important to strengthen these tissues in order to restore normal functionality to your ankles.

Physiotherapy is very effective in doing that. Through a structured rehabilitation program based on your degree of injury, physical therapist can minimize long-term risks of complications.

Preventing Recurring Sprains

The lack of rehabilitation for ankle sprains injury will lead to an 85% chance of recurrence. On top of being a form of sprained ankle treatment, physiotherapy also plays a huge part by helping you reducing the recurrence chances by at least 50%. Through active management of the injury via a personalized rehabilitation program, physiotherapy can help prevent future complications. This means you will be less likely to feel weakness or instability in your ankle.

In summary, there are many type different grade of ankle sprains injury with each grade representing a different degree of damage to the ligaments. A less minor injury would also require proper treatment to reduce long-term complications. Physiotherapy in Singapore is increasingly popular because it plays an important role in restoring functionality to your ankle while preventing long-term complications.

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