Why do I have persistent knee pain?

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Being physically active by participating in different sports and exercises has its own set of physical and mental benefits.  However, knee pain is one common problem for people who are active in sports.

Nothing is worse than a persistent pain in the knee that refuses to go away. Accurate assessment of such injury is very important as it helps to prevent further knee aggravation. It is emphasized that you should seek professional medical advises if you experience this type of injury as soon as possible.

Chronic knee condition is when you have a persistent knee pain that doesn’t go away. There are many conditions that can cause or contribute to this knee pain. In this article, we will be listing a few common conditions that might cause persistent knee pain.

Meniscal Injuries

The meniscal is a rubbery disc found in the knee joint that when torn, will swell up. Rapid twists and turns are the biggest cause of meniscus injuries. This is common among athletes. The role of physiotherapy is to slowly aid the meniscal back to normal condition. In severe cases, knee surgery might be needed to repair the damage.

Ligament Injuries

The ligament is the tough strip of connective tissue that joins the bone around our knee joint. There are a total of four ligaments supporting our knee. Ligament injuries occur when the ligament is over-stretched or torn. The most commonly injured ligament is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) which causes excruciating pain following an initial popping sound.  Typically, you will also feel tenderness around the knee with certain restriction in the range of movement of your knee. If you do experience this, it is important that you seek treatment or consider going for physiotherapy.

The role of physiotherapy is to aid rehabilitation by helping to restore the knee’s range of movement, and a comprehensive rehabilitation program might span across 6-8 months.

Fractures and Dislocation

Through direct impact or forceful blow to the bone, fractures and dislocation might occur. The kneecap is the common area of fracture. It happens when one fall directly down onto the knee causing a crack. Knee dislocation eventuates through trauma that causes the patella (kneecap) to dislocate sideward. Physiotherapy for the knee will help to treat these two conditions to encourage quick and effective knee recovery.

Knee injuries are very complex and can range from minor (minimal treatment) to major (surgery required) cases. Whatever that has been mentioned above can only serve as a basic guideline. If you have been experiencing persistent knee pains, you are strongly encouraged to seek professional medical consultation to minimize the risk of further aggravation. BMJ Therapy – physiotherapy in the east, provides evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation program. Contact us today to get a comprehensive knee assessment and treatment.

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