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We are the few preferred partner in Singapore that does Direct Billing with major international health insurance companies, such as:

  • Cigna,
  • Aetna,
  • BUPA,
  • International SOS &
  • IHP


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  • Your health insurance will cover you for your physiotherapy and hand therapy rehab. In our clinic, it will be on Direct Billing (cashless) where we bill the bulk of the eligible patient’s bills incurred in our clinic directly to our valued partners.
  • Every insurance company has its own benefits plan and requirement. Therefore, we will contact your insurance company for pre-authorization for our services. You will enjoy direct billing if your insurance company issue a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) to our clinic. This procedure will take up to THREE (03) business days from the day we submit the request.
  • Please bring along the followings on your first appointment:
  • Membership card
  • Doctor’s referral letter for physiotherapy
  • If you have Secondary coverage, valid for outpatient physiotherapy treatments, from a spouse or parent etc., you are also covered and eligible for Direct Billing facility in our clinic,
  • You do need a referral for physiotherapy by a physician,
  • If your plan only covers a percentage of your claims, you are still eligible for Direct Billing. We are able to bill the allowed percentage of your treatments to your health insurance. The remainder of your balance must be settled at the end of your each visit.

Do contact us prior to your appointment to make sure that direct billing is available for your insurance plan. Not all health insurance companies accept direct billing assignment, which we will be able to tell you when you speak with us.

If your insurance company does not offer direct billing for physiotherapy services, you will be asked to pay for the entire cost of your services at the end of your appointment. You then will submit the bills to your insurance company. The insurance provider should then reimburse you for the portion that it is responsible for. Many patients who have personal accident plan or other forms of insurance are able to claim for their physiotherapy. You can check with your insurance provider, insurance agent, or HR department before making your appointment to find out what services it will and will not cover.

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Latest Technology & Techniques

Long-Term Comprehensive Care


Affordable Care


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